Dexter-Russell Inc  is the oldest and the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the USA. Located in River Street, Southbridge in the New England state of Massachusetts, it is the successor of the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers – Harrington Cutlery Co (since 1818) and the John Russell Cutlery Co (since 1834).
John Russell - an ‘ingenious Yankee’ - founded the original Green River Works on the Green River in Massachusetts on March 01, 1834. At age 37, he built his water-powered factory on the banks of the river near Greenfield, where he handcrafted chisels, axe heads and trade knives. Green River knives gained fame in frontier America for their practicality and tradability.
As popular today as they ever were, Green River trade knives with finest quality carbon steel blades are easily identified by their distinguishable shapes and beech-wood handles; some models still bear an original hand-written notation on a yellow paper tag that says (sic):
A Special Steel, made for us only and our best skill employed in forging & tempering make this knife – UNEQUALLED – We WARRANT every blade.
John Russell Cutlery Co. Green River Works

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