Roselli of Finland

"The knife must carve  and cut well. For the blade, only the finest quality carbon steel is acceptable; steel which the smith will forge into a keen tool. For the handle, attractive curly birch. This noble tool grows in beauty the more you use it and before you know it, you'll have fallen in love with it."    - Heimo Roselli

After scouring Norden for truly representative working knives, the AKC imported its first range of H ROSELLI KNIVES in 1995. From that moment onwards, these uniquely different and specialized items of bladeware have steadily gained acceptance on the Australian market. 'Down Under' we've learned to warm to an intriguing knife-sheath concept that's been in vogue at the 'Top End of the Planet' for more than 1,000 years.
Laplanders - indigenous folk who live inside the Artic Circle (far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland & Russia) - swear by bladeware forged at the factory of Heimo Roselli just south of their border. Laplanders comprise of Mountain Lapps, Sea Lapps or River Lapps and such is their dependence upon edged tools, that only the best will do – which is why H ROSELLI knives & axes are so popular on top of the world.
That 'only the best will do' is what we look for in OZ too. It’s what you cannot see that counts with H ROSELLI.  Bladesmith Heimo Roselli refuses to build anything non-functional or unnecessary into his knives – the unessential is detrimental!
With the passing of each year there's a greater understanding of Arctic-style knives and desire by Australian users to invest in Nordic-made 'knivblads'. Hunters, survivalists and other serious knife & axe users are always on the lookout for practical and reliable edgeware to pack on forays into our bushland and wilderness areas. A growing number of adventurous outdoors folk are now packing H ROSELLI of FINLAND working knives and axes for those forays.
ROSELLI recommends that their knives should always be stored in their sheaths. 
Of course, knives must be cleaned and dried after use and a light coat of parrafin oil applied periodically to the blade. 
Keep your knife and sheath combo as one.
Roselli razor-sharp edges can be easily maintained using Ezi-Lap flat diamond steel plates or Spyderco ceramic sharpening stones. Personally, I follow the philosophy that 'the best way to sharpen a knife is to never let it get dull'; the best way being to keep the edge 'touched up' using a polished sharpening steel. Mind you, in the case of Roselli edges of UHC-STEEL, for the most part, you're only going through the 'steeling' motions, because they’re so darned hard to make dull

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