For 300 years Sheffield has been synonymous with ‘steel & cutlery’ and Wostenholm's I*XL pocketknives are still some of the very best.  Modern hand-crafted and polished pocketknives in popular patterns bearing the world famous ‘I*XL’ trademark, granted by the Cutlers Cutlery of Hallamshire in 1787.

From Wostenholm hand-made working models with satin-finished blades and hardwood handles to the super-deluxe renditions; stainless blades (2-mm thick), nickel silver bolsters, brass liners & pins, highly decorated handle backs and partially worked blade backs, and featuring a selection of delightful handle scales.

Still handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen in the city of origin to authentic patterns under the original trademark and tradename – it just doesn’t get any better than that!

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