A. Wright & Sons

Traditional Sheffield Pen and Pocket Knife manufacturer

The old Sheffield family business of A.Wright & Sons Ltd was originally registered in 1947 as Arthur Wrights, a traditional Sheffield Pen and Pocket Knife manufacturer. A Wright & Sons Ltd developed into the principal provider of knife manufacturing supplies in Sheffield, a position it continues to hold in Sheffield to this day.

A.Wright & Sons Ltd also offers a comprehensive range of stylish English pocketknives and fixed blades in its own right. The firm specialises in  manufacturing the ever popular traditional-style Sheffield-made practical bladeware in the tried & proved knife patterns from the past, when the functional reliability of a knife really counted throughout the British Commonwealth. Only top quality high carbon bladesteel is used.

All A.Wright & Sons knives are still individually hand crafted by apprentice-trained Sheffield Cutlers, using methods passed down from generation to generation. Every process, from blanking out the blades and springs, hardening and tempering, assembly, grinding and glazing - right up to the final polishing, is all done in-house. This gives Wright's a guaranteed quality control through every step of the process of knife making.

AKC - appointed Australian Distributor since 2006

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