Grohmann / D.H. Russell

Grohmann Knives Limited is a family business with a big reputation. It is an Old World story that began before the second World War, when a commercial buyer from Quebec traveled once a year to a factory in Sudetenland, then a German region of Czechoslovakia, to buy pocket knives. Every year the buyer would urge Grohmann the production manager at the plant, to come to Canada , promising him help to get started. Mr.Grohmann would always decline as he was happy in his own country, but after the war, the political situation grew desperate and in 1949 Rudolph Grohmann accepted the offer.
Within a year, Grohmann and his family arrived in Nova Scotia at the invitation of the provincial government-funded Pictou Cutlery, which closed after three years. Mr. Grohmann, determined to make knives, built a garage workshop & began producing & engraving folding knives designed by himself. Shortly after, Mr. Grohmann met with Mr. Deane H. Russell and together they set out to design a truly Canadian knife. After field testing with the help of hunters & trappers across the north, the D.H. Russell Belt Knife #1 was born, which along with various other designs, won many awards and recognitions worldwide. Grohmann and Russell created three more models together, the #2, #3, & #4.
Grohmann Knives Limited was formed in 1961 by the family and was run by one of Grohmanns' daughters Berta & her husband Michael Babinec Sr. Eventually they passed it down to their three sons who all worked in the business for some time. Michael Jr. passed it on in turn to his daughter Michelle, who runs it day along with approximately 25 employees.
Over the years, Grohmann Knives has designed more award-winning Canadian outdoor knives to add to the collection. They have won more than 25 international honors including a display at the New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art.
"Often copied over the years, Grohmann is still the original and sole manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives for over 50 years. Our quality Canadian belt knives are proudly owned by private collectors and sports enthusiasts from around the world. People who own a Grohmann knife are connoisseurs of perfection and have come to expect superior handcrafted quality that can't be matched", says Michelle. "Our knives are recognized around the world for their exceptional beauty, balance and quality. "

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