Roselli Grandfather Knife



The 'little brother' of the larger hunter - its tough bulky shape provides excellent blade control. A traditional thick handforged Lappish Leuku.

Laplanders use this kind of knife for many purposes e.g. splitting wood for campfires. Forged W75 carbonised bladesteel with specialised hardening and tempering to give a razor-edge that is easy to re-sharpen.

Distinctively grained Curly Birchwood handle with a shaped-bulbous universal and comfortable grip to fit every handsize. The hand-crafted handle surface is stained using linseed oil to preserve the warm touch of wood and to ensure a safe-tactile grip during use.

Each Roselli knife comes safely housed in a 100% compatible, strong and durable top quality leather sheath.

7.5cm blade, o/all 18cm
    Made in Finland

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