A. Wright English Bowie 6"

A. Wright & Sons


A mid-1800’s Sheffield knife pattern that was marketed throughout the British Empire. This Sheffield-England pattern was spawned by the emergence of the Bowie knife legend that evolved out of a Vidalia Sandbar fracas on the Mississippi River that involved James Bowie and his belt knife in 1827. The fledgling American knife manufacturing industry could not cope with the ensuing demand for Bowie bladeware. The void was subsequently filled by thousands of Sheffield-made Bowie-style knives shipped into Boston to accommodate the trading, hunting and fighting needs of New England Frontiersmen.

Model WR810S by A. Wright & Son of Sheffield in England conforms to the original bowie blueprint of 1827 and is fitted with a stag handle, furnished with nickel silver pins and customary solid cross-guard. It comes housed in a custom-crafted leather sheath. A beautiful additon to your collection or made to use - your choice.

The blade bears the A. Wright & Son tradename stamped on the ricasso of the mark side and the AW&S trademark stamped on the pile side of the knife. This is not a replica, but a modern-made Six-Inch Bowie, drop-forged using the authentic die specification. A traditional-style knife still made in its country of origin – England.

A section of the back of the mirror-polished 150-mm long X 3.5-mm thick high-carbon steel clip-point blade is ‘fancy-filed’, as is the edge of the guard, which also has a ‘chased’ vine pattern chiseled on the blade-side of the polished guard. The entire edge of the exposed full-tang is embellished – ‘traditional worked back’ design by chisel & file.

Size-wise, the WR810S Six-Inch Bowie rates at the smaller end of the Bowie knife range, some of which boasted up to twelve-inch (300-mm) blades.

C70 Carbon Steel (54-56HRC)

Made in Sheffield

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